Acropolis: Athens’ Innovation Festival is a brand-new initiative to promote Athens innovators and our energetic culture of creators and forward-thinkers. Brought together by a coalition of volunteers representing leaders in local business, academia, government, nonprofits, science, and community building, Acropolis will span the entire month of April. By knitting together events held by innovators all over the city, we seek to make Acropolis’ inaugural occasion the opening salvo in what we hope will be an ongoing conversation with Athenians and folks from the world around us. It’s time we made a city-wide effort to let the world know about how our city has grown into an ascendant outpost for modern and inventive thinkers and businesses.

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Through March 15, Acropolis welcomes submissions from individuals and organizations presenting events or programming during the month of April that are representative of the innovative Athenian spirit. We welcome any lectures, parties and other happenings that are emblematic of the particular kind of creativity that “innovation” entails -- creativity that modernizes and updates existing technologies to make them work better, inventiveness that produces new products and technologies, strategies that we’d conventionally wise practices with modern delivery systems.

Selection as a partner happens solely at the discretion of Acropolis’ organizing committee. In the interest of timeliness and efficiency, all decisions regarding partnership status this year are final and will not be made subject to appeal, though we welcome any feedback at

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